Candlestick charts are a type of chart that uses candles to track the price movements of a security over time. 

A candle is made up of six key components: – Body, – Wick/shadow, – Opening price, – Closing price,  – High price, and  – Low price. 

Most common candlestick patterns: – Bullish engulfing pattern – Bearish engulfing pattern – Hammer – Hanging man – Shooting star – Doji

Opening price of a candle The opening price is the price at which a security first trades on a given day. 

Closing price of a candle:  The closing price is the price at which security last trades on a given day.  

High price of a candle:   The high price is the highest price that a security traded at on a given day. 

Low price of a candle:  The low price is the lowest price that security is traded at on a given day.

The book “How To Make Money Trading With Candlestick Charts” provides a comprehensive guide on how to use candlestick chart patterns to become a profitable trader.