Wipro Share Price Target

Wipro’s Share price is range bound and trading between Rs. 380 – 405 (corrected by almost 45%)

Based on Wipro’s strong global presence in the IT sector, it is expected the first Wipro Share Price Target 2023 up to Rs.440.

Reasons to Increase Wipro Share Price: Wipro’s new model focus on strategic growth areas, such as:  – Cloud,  – Enterprise technology, – Business transformation, engineering, and consulting

Fundamental Analysis of Wipro Share

The company has very less debt, its debt-to-equity ratio is 0.27.

Insurance company has increased its shareholding from 0.04% to 4.63%,

Company is getting a good sales growth rate for last 4 years.

Revenue increased from Rs. 79,312 crore to INR 90,488 crore (a growth of around 14%)

Net profit decreased by 7.14% from Rs 12,243 crore to Rs 11,366 crore from the previous year.