Yes Bank Share Price Target

Yes Bank Share is trading at around Rs. 17 – 18 (Fell from Rs. 373 to Rs. 5.5.)

According to current analyst opinions, the Yes Bank share price target is expected to be around Rs. 20 - 25 per share. 

Reasons to Increase Yes Bank Share Price: 1. CASA Improvement  2. Low-risk higher margin clients  3. Microfinance acquisition 

Fundamental Analysis of Yes Bank Stock 

Revenue is up for the last 9 quarters, Rs. 4.70K Cr to 7.35K Cr, with an average increase of 5.3% per quarter

Net Profit is up for the last 2 quarters, Rs. 55.07 Cr to 206.21 Cr, with an average increase of 73.3% per quarter

In the last 3 years, the stock has moved up by 33.0%

Mutual Funds have increased holdings from 0.12% to 0.16% in Jun 2023 quarter

FIIs have increased holdings from 10.26% to 10.94% in Jun 2023 quarter