What is the INDmoney App?

INDmoney is a Super Finance App that helps you to save, plan, and invest in different finance segments.

INDmoney App Features 

1. US Stock Investment From India

2. Zero Cost Trading And Demat Account For Indian Stock Investment

3. Free Investment In Direct Mutual Funds

4. Zero Balance Savings Account

5. INDMoney InstaCash In 2 Minute

Is It Safe To Use INDmoney?

INDmoney uses a brokerage company called DriveWealth. It is a very well-known, well-established company, that acts as an online brokerage for all international brokerage.

INDMoney has partnered with brokers like Alpaca and Drivewealth to provide the opportunity for US stock investment to its users. Both of them are regulated by FINRA.

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