Is It Safe to Use INDmoney? INDmoney Review 2024

What is INDmoney? Is It Safe to Use INDmoney? INDmoney Reviews? Let’s explore in detail why INDmoney App is reliable and recommended !!

If you want to buy stocks in India, you open a demat and trading account with brokers in India such as Zerodha, Upstox, Angel Broking, Groww, 5paisa, and so on.

But, do you know you can also buy US stock from India? Yes, INDmoney allows you to invest hassle-free in US stock investment for Indians. 

Although we have various other options to invest in US Stocks from India (discussed further, don’t forget to check), the problem is when you typically open an account with some bank or with some broker, the initial account opening fees are very high and even the commissions involved are pretty high.

INDmoney account opening fees are absolutely zero, with no maintenance charges, and no paperwork for opening an account, and on top of that there is also no commission when you are buying or selling US stocks.

In this article, we will discuss in detail what INDmoney is, whether is it safe to use INDmoney, and how to invest in the US Stock Market from India through INDmoney.

Is it safe to buy US stocks in INDmoney?

Yes, it is safe to buy US stocks in INDmoney. INDmoney uses a brokerage company called DriveWealth. DriveWealth is a very well-known, well-established company, that acts as an online brokerage for all international brokerage. It’s a very secure company and the best part is that DriveWealth powers a lot of online brokerages.

So, it’s not just with INDmoney but its business is to do this for a lot of other companies. When you convert your Indian rupee to US dollar with INDmoney and send it to the US then you go through the process of buying. you are actually buying, through DriveWealth. Is It Safe to Use INDmoney? INDmoney Reviews.

So, all your stocks are in DriveWealth. That is the beneficiary of your stocks. INDmoney is only an intermediary that is giving you a product to go through this experience. It converts your Indian rupees to US dollars, buys your stocks through DriveWealth sells your stocks through DriveWealth and when you need your money back, then again, you get the money from SBM or State Bank of Mauritius to your bank account which is your personal bank account. All of that is managed through INDmoney.

If you want to buy stocks in India, you can read our reviews on various demat and trading account such as Zerodha, Upstox, Angel Broking, Groww, and Motilal Oswal.

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What is the INDmoney App?

Is It Safe to Use INDmoney? INDmoney App Review

INDmoney is a Super Finance App that helps you to save, plan, and invest in different finance segments. The app is growing very fast due to its innovative features such as US Stock investing, Neo Banking, Deposits, and Financial life tracking & management. But, Is It Safe to Use INDmoney? Scroll down for INDmoney Reviews.

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INDmoney App Features 

1. US Stock Investment from India

INDmoney comes with an innovative feature that allows its users to invest in a wide range of US stocks and ETFs. They offer free account opening for US stock demat accounts. The app allows you to buy fractional shares of US stocks such as Amazon, Pepsi, McDonald’s, Microsoft, etc.

Additionally, the INDmoney platform is also famous for its low brokerage charge of 0.15% per order for investing in US stocks from India. They also charge a platform fee of 0.75% (maximum charges INR 1,000) and a $5 withdrawal fee when transferring money from a US account to an Indian bank account.

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2. Zero cost trading and demat account for Indian Stock Investment

INDmoney offers zero Account Opening and zero AMC on demat and trading accounts. Plus, they also have a low equity brokerage rate, i.e., 0.05% of the order value or Rs. 20, whichever is lower, and fat Rs. 20 per order for F&O trades. Read a detailed analysis of INDMoney Charges | Is IndMoney Free in 2024? The Truth About Hidden

If you want to open zero brokerage trading and demat account, check our reviews on Shoonya Finvasia

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3. Free investment in Direct Mutual Funds 

INDmoney allows you to invest directly in mutual funds without charging any commissions. Users can invest in Direct mutual funds without commission on INDmoney, thus it saves up to 3% in commission as compared to regular mutual funds. INDmoney Reviews.

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4. Zero Balance Savings Account

INDmoney has collaborated with the Federal Bank (formerly SBM Bank) which allows its users to open a zero-balance savings account with zero forex conversion charges. 

5. Money Tracking and Management 

Money Tracking and Management is one of the best features of INDmoney that automatically categorizes and analyses your financial data using advanced algorithms and AI. It helps you keep track of your financial health. 

Moreover, INDmoney also offers tax suggestions based on the inputs you have provided related to your income, expenses, and investments. Is It Safe to Use INDmoney? 

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6. INDMoney InstaCash in 2 minutes

INDmoney has also introduced the INsta Cash feature that allows its users to get personal loans based on their CIBIL score. The platform allows you to get your money instantly in your bank account. Read our complete review on INDMoney Insta Cash

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7. Personalised Insurance plans

INDmoney provides personalized Life and Health Insurance Plans to secure your family’s needs and protect your hard-earned savings with the right insurance policies.

Other INDMoney Related Answers

INDmoney App Pros and Cons


  • AI-powered investment recommendations
  • Automatic Real-time portfolio tracking
  • Zero-commission Mutual funds
  • Advanced reporting for your entire family’s portfolio
  • INsta Cash to withdraw money anytime


  • Limited investment options, i.e., INDstocks, Mutual Funds, US Stocks, and Fixed Deposits
  • Platform fee of 0.75% (maximum charges INR 1,000) 

Is it safe to use INDmoney?

Is your money safe with INDmoney? INDmoney Reviews.

Is It Safe to Use INDmoney?

As we have discussed above, INDMoney has partnered with brokers like Alpaca and Drivewealth to provide the opportunity for US stock investment to its users. Both of them are regulated by FINRA i.e. Financial Industry Regulatory Authority which is a private American corporation that regulates brokerage firms and exchange markets. 

INDMoney Customer Care Support

INDMoney Customer Care Numbers

Conclusion – Is It Safe to Use INDmoney

Hope, you get your answer of Is It Safe to Use INDmoney? Please stay in touch with the official website of INDmoney to stay updated with the most current information and INDmoney Reviews.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the disadvantages of INDmoney?

Limited investment options, i.e., INDstocks, Mutual Funds, US Stocks, and Fixed Deposits
Platform fee of 0.75% (maximum charges INR 1,000) 

Is it safe to buy US stocks in INDmoney?

Yes, it is completely safe to buy US stocks in INDmoney.  INDMoney has partnered with brokers like Alpaca and Drivewealth and Both of them are regulated by FINRA i.e. Financial Industry Regulatory Authority

Is INDmoney legal in India?

Yes, INDmoney is legal in India as it is registered with SEBI, having Stock Broking Registration No. INZ000305337. 

Which company owns INDmoney?

INDmoney is backed by reputed foreign institutional investors comprising Tiger Global, Steadview Capital, Dragoneer, and Sixteenth Street Capital who have invested a total of $143Mn in the Super Finance App.

Disclaimer: The information provided on this website is for general informational purposes only and should not be construed as financial advice, investment recommendations, or guarantees of any kind. This information is not intended as a substitute for professional financial advice. You should always seek the advice of a qualified financial advisor before making any investment or financial decisions.

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