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Disclosing Day Trader Salary !!

How much profit can be made in intraday trading? Day Trader Salary

Intraday trading means buying and selling stocks within the same trading day. However, the profit depends upon various factors such as capital involved, market conditions, the trader’s skill, and the volatility of the market. On average, a trader could make a profit of 1-2% on their invested capital in intraday trading.

How much profit is good in intraday trading?

A “good” profit definition varies based on the capital invested, risk tolerance, and trading goals. In general, a profit of 2-3% of the capital is considered a satisfactory profit for an intraday trade.

Highest intraday profit in India? Biggest intraday profit ever?

In India, there have been instances of traders making significant intraday profits. One of the recent examples is of powerofstocks – Subasish Pani, who made a profit of around INR 1.5 crore (approximately $180,000) in a single day through intraday trading in India. However, to earn the highest intraday profit in India, you need years of experience and skills along with high risk.

Most successful intraday trader in India? 

Some of the well-known successful intraday traders in India include Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, Radhakishan Damani, and Porinju Veliyath. These traders have made substantial profits over the years through their trading strategies. As of now, you can follow powerofstocks – Subasish Pani to become a successful intraday trader in India. 

When is intraday profit credited? Day Trader Salary

Intraday profits are credited to your trading account shortly after the trade is executed and settled. The exact timing can vary based on the brokerage and market practices.

How much Investment in intraday trading to earn 50,000 per month?

Let’s understand with a day trader salary with an example how much investment intraday is required to earn 50,000 per month. Suppose, you have an initial capital of INR 50,000 and have a great knowledge of the market. As we discussed above a decent intraday return is 1-2%. Now, with 1-2% (let’s take the average return of 1.5%), daily, you can earn INR 50,000 * 1.5% = 750 (on the higher side INR 1,000).

With this consistency and a capital of INR 50,000 per month, an intraday trader can earn INR 15,000 – 24,000 per month (considering 24 trading days as Saturday and Sunday markets remain closed).

This calculation is for 1 trade. If you have experience, you can take 2 trades in a day and double this amount, which will be around INR 48,000 (close to INR 50,000).

Now: we have not yet considered the intraday brokerage charges on the above calculations of day trader salary. 

Intraday profit percentage? Average intraday profit in India?

Intraday profit percentages can vary widely based on individual trade strategies and setups. Some traders aim for 1-2% profit per trade, while others may target higher percentages. The average intraday profit in India is definitely based on the capital you invest and the points you can capture in the market. 

Can I earn 1000 daily in intraday?

Check in detail How to Earn Rs 1000 Per Day in Share Market in India 2024?

Can I earn 5000 per day from intraday trading?

You can follow the same strategy and tips as discussed in “Can I earn 1000 daily in intraday?” to earn 5000 per day from intraday trading.

Can you be successful in intraday trading?

Yes, I mean why not? You need patience, consistency, and emotional discipline to become successful in intraday trading. Many traders have found success in intraday trading. Start learning market, technical and fundamental analysis, risk management, and a well-defined trading strategy.

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Can we become millionaires by day trading? (Check Calculations)

Yes, some traders have become millionaires through day trading or stock trading, however, it’s important to note that trading involves significant risk. You can’t become rich just by involving your capital, most traders experience both gains and losses, and consistent success is not guaranteed. Master your skills, discipline, and luck to become a millionaire through day trading.

Becoming a millionaire through day trading is possible. Let us understand how to become millionaires by day trading with practical examples (modify the profit percentage and time period based on your expertise):


  • Starting Capital: $50,000
  • Average Monthly Profit Percentage: 10%
  • Number of Trading Months: 48 (4 years)


  • Start with a capital of INR 50,000.
  • In the first month, if you make a 10% profit, your profit would be INR 5,000 (10% of INR 50,000).
  • Your capital at the end of the first month would be = Initial capital + Profit earned = INR 55,000 (INR 50,000 + INR 5,000).
  • In the second month, assuming you can generate another 10% profit, your profit would be INR 5,500 (10% of INR 55,000).
  • Your capital at the end of the second month would be = Initial capital + profit earned 2 times = INR 60,500 (INR 55,000 + INR 5,500 profit).

Following the above approach consistently for 48 months to become a millionaire from intraday trading..


After 4 years (48 months) of consistently making a 10% profit per month, your capital would have grown to approximately INR 1,190,717.85.

Factors you need to consider in the above example:

  • Market Realities
  • Trading Costs
  • Risk Management
  • Psychological Challenges
  • Learning Curve
  • Market Volatility

How much do day traders make per month?

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