Is Varsity by Zerodha Free 2024? Zerodha Varsity Mobile App Review

What is Zerodha Varsity?

Zerodha Varsity is an extensive and in-depth collection of stock market and financial lessons. The lessons are created by Karthik Rangappa. Karthik Rangappa is the Head of Education initiatives at Zerodha Broking Limited. 

Is Varsity by Zerodha Free?

You can freely and openly access Zerodha Varsity without any signup, paywall, or ads. Additionally, it is also available as a free mobile app for Android and iPhone users.

Is the Zerodha Varsity App Free?

Yes, the answer of your question, Is Varsity by Zerodha Free. Zerodha Varsity is absolutely free and available for everyone without any fee/hidden charges. You can access Varsity free here 

Zerodha Varsity is a user-friendly app, having a collection of stock market lessons with in-depth coverage and illustrations. All the modules are broken into chapters and chapters are further broken down into bite-size cards to help you learn on the go. Is Varsity by Zerodha Free

Further, each main topic has a quiz at the end of each level. You can challenge yourself by taking the certification exam at the end of every module. (Check about Zerodha varsity Certificate Fee below).

You can access the Zerodha varsity app on Android and iPhone here.

Is Varsity by Zerodha Free?

Is Zerodha Varsity Worth It?

Yes, Zerodha Varsity is enough and worthy to explore and learn about trading, investing, and personal finance. 

‘Varsity Mobile App’ provides you with highly structured and detailed notes about everything you need to know about trading and investing. The app is available online and is free to access for all to enhance your learning experience. Is Varsity by Zerodha Free.

The Varsity app has two modules – ‘Introduction to Stock Markets’ and ‘Technical Analysis.’ 

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Key Features of Zerodha Varsity App

Let’s explore a list of really cool features:

Structured Courses: Zerodha Varsity provides a range of structured courses. The courses cover various chapters of trading and investing, from beginners to advanced traders. You would love the text, graphics, and example presentations to get a better understanding of complex topics. 

Comprehensive Content: The varsity platform offers a number of articles, presentations, and other educational resources. The articles include fundamental analysis, technical analysis, derivatives, macroeconomics, and more. The best part about their content is that all the topics are regularly updated to reflect current market trends and developments. Is Varsity by Zerodha Free

Interactive Modules: Zerodha has put so much effort into making the modules interactive. Learning through The platform includes interactive quizzes, games, and assessments that allow users to test their understanding of the material covered. You will feel engaged and motivated throughout the modules.

No Cost: One of the biggest advantages of Zerodha Varsity is that it’s completely free of cost. With the Varsity, Zerodha aims to provide free financial education and empower individuals to make informed investment decisions.

How to Use Zerodha Varsity?

You have two choices to use Zerodha Varsity:

1. Varsity web platform: Access web here

2. Varsity by Zerodha App: Install the app here

Zerodha Varsity Certificate Fee

Varsity Certified is an online certification program that is specifically designed to test your market knowledge. This test checks how much you know about the market.  

If you pass the test, you’ll feel confident about starting a job in capital markets. Before taking the test, it is advisable to learn about things like the basics of the stock market, how to study companies (that’s Fundamental Analysis), understand price patterns (that’s Technical Analysis), and know about Personal Finance and Mutual Funds. After you learn these things, you’ll take a special supervised test. Is Varsity by Zerodha Free.

Zerodha charges a nominal fee to conduct the test from the users, i.e., Zerodha varsity Certificate Fee Rs. 250 + GST @18%. You will get certification after passing the test.

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Zerodha Varsity All Module PDF

Here you can access all Zerodha Varsity Modules:

Introduction to Stock Markets

Technical Analysis

Fundamental Analysis

Futures Trading

Options Theory for Professional Trading

Option Strategies

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Markets and Taxation

Currency, Commodity, and Government Securities

Risk Management & Trading Psychology

Trading Systems

Personal Finance – Mutual Funds

Innerworth — Mind over markets

Integrated Financial Modelling

Personal Finance – Insurance

Sector Analysis


Our comprehensive review of the Zerodha Varsity mobile app confirms Zerodha Varsity is completely free to use and also stands as a best resource to enhance financial education. Is Varsity by Zerodha Free.

Zerodha Varsity’s commitment to providing accessible, high-quality stock market and financial lessons. With its user-friendly interface, structured courses, interactive modules, it is highly recommended to explore and start your journey of learning about trading, investing, and personal finance with the Zerodha Varsity App.

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