Suzlon Energy Share Price Target

The stock has started gaining momentum and has broken its resistance level of RS. 25. Currently, the stock is trading at RS. 40.

According to current analyst opinions, a breakout over Rs 42 could steer upside in the direction of Rs 50 .

Reasons to Increase Suzlon Share Price: 1. Growing Renewable Energy Demand  2. Expansion of Wind Energy Capacity   3. Government Incentives    

Fundamental Analysis of Suzlon Energy Stock 

Revenue increased in the last 3 quarters, Rs. 1.44K Cr to 1.95K Cr (average increase of 13.2% per quarter) 

Net profit is up for the last 3 quarters, Rs. 57.43 Cr to 279.89 Cr (an average increase of 49.4% per quarter). 

Mutual Funds have increased holdings from 0.74% to 4.98% in Aug 2023 quarter

FIIs have increased holdings from 7.80% to 9.97% in Aug 2023 quarter