Zomato Share Price Target

Zomato’s shares are trading around Rs. 99 per share

According to market analysts, Zomato share price target is between Rs. 180 to Rs. 220 per share.

Reasons to Increase Suzlon Share Price: 1. Market Dominance  2. Expansion into New Markets   3. Diversification of Services     4. Efficient Cost Management  

Fundamental Analysis of Zomato Stock 

Revenue increases in the last 5 quarters. i.e., Rs. 1.35K Cr to  2.22K Cr. It is an average increase of 11.7% per quarter. 

Net profit increased in the last 2 quarters, i.e., Rs. 346.6 Cr to 188.2 Cr, with an average increase of 84.2% per quarter

Mutual Funds have increased holdings from 6.40% to 8.30% in Jun 2023 quarter.

FIIs have increased holdings from 31.62% to 33.32% in Jun 2023 quarter