Adani Power Share Price Target 2025, 2026, 2027, 2030

Ever heard of Adani Power, India’s biggest private power company? Their stock price has been on a wild ride lately, shooting up like a rocket. We’re here “Adani Power Share Price Target 2024” to figure out why, what could stop it, and where it might be headed next.

Adani Power Limited Company Overview

Adani Power Limited (APL), a subsidiary of the diversified Adani Group, is India’s largest private thermal power producer. Here’s a comprehensive overview of the company:

Key facts:

  • Largest private thermal power producer in India: With a current capacity of around 15,250 MW, they generate power mainly through coal-based plants.
  • Operations across India: They have power plants in several states, including Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, and Karnataka.
  • Diversifying into renewables: While focusing on thermal power, they also have a 40 MW solar power project and are venturing further into renewable energy.

Recent achievements:

  • Ranked No. 1 private utility company by the Ministry of Power’s 11th Annual Integrated Rating and Ranking.
  • Adani Electricity, a subsidiary, is Mumbai’s leading power distribution utility.
  • Sold 52.1 billion units of electricity in FY22.

Adani Fundamental Analysis (As on February 2024)

Market Cap₹ 2,16,332 Cr.
Current Price₹ 563
52-wk High₹ 589
52-wk Low₹ 132
Stock P/E9.27
Book Value₹ 105
Dividend0.00 %
ROCE15.8 %
ROE44.8 %
Face Value₹ 10.0
EPS₹ 60.5
Debt₹ 32,367 Cr.
Debt to Equity0.80
Adani Power Share Price Target 2025, 2026, 2027, 2030

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Adani Power Share Price Target 2024

Factors: Growth potential in the power sector due to increasing demand and government initiatives, market conditions, Adani Power’s business performance.

YearMinimum share price targetMaximum share price targetAverage share price target

Adani Power Share Price Target 2025

YearMinimum share price targetMaximum share price targetAverage share price target

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Adani Power Share Price Target 2026

YearMinimum share price targetMaximum share price targetAverage share price target

Adani Power Share Price Target 2027

YearMinimum share price targetMaximum share price targetAverage share price target

Adani Power Share Price Target 2028

YearMinimum share price targetMaximum share price targetAverage share price target

Adani Power Share Price Target 2030

YearMinimum share price targetMaximum share price targetAverage share price target

Adani Power Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, To 2050

TargetMinimum (Amount in Rs.)Maximum (Amount in Rs.)

It’s important to remember that these are just estimates, and the actual share price could be higher or lower than these targets:

  • Risks: Unforeseen events like economic downturns, policy changes, or project delays could negatively impact Adani Power’s performance and share price.
  • Opportunities: Conversely, the company’s ability to adapt and innovate will determine its role in the evolving energy landscape of India and beyond.

What is the Future of Adani Power Shares?

Positive factors for Adani Power:

  • Strong momentum: The share price has been on a rising trend recently, moving above short, medium, and long-term moving averages. This indicates sustained buying pressure and potential for further growth.
  • High TTM EPS growth: The company has recorded a high trailing twelve-month Earnings Per Share (EPS) growth, suggesting strong profitability and potential for future dividends.
  • Increasing power demand: India’s electricity consumption is expected to grow rapidly in the coming years, driven by factors like urbanization and electrification. This benefits Adani Power as a major player in the Indian power sector.
  • Expansion plans: The company is actively pursuing expansion plans, securing new projects and increasing its market share. This could lead to higher revenue and profitability in the future.
  • Favorable government policies: The Indian government is pushing for increased renewable energy generation, which aligns with Adani Power’s recent investments in solar and wind power projects.

Negative factors for Adani Power:

  • Debt burden: The company has a high debt-to-equity ratio, which makes it vulnerable to rising interest rates and economic downturns.
  • Environmental concerns: Coal-based power generation faces increasing scrutiny due to its environmental impact. Adani Power’s reliance on coal could pose a risk in the long term.
  • Market volatility: Stock markets are inherently volatile, and the overall market sentiment can impact Adani Power shares even if the company’s fundamentals remain strong.
  • Geopolitical risks: Global events like wars or economic sanctions can disrupt international trade and energy markets, potentially impacting Adani Power’s operations and share price.

Adani Power Shareholding Pattern

FIIs 22.12%11.28%10.02%12.38%11.52%11.31%11.70%15.86%
DIIs 2.67%9.14%10.11%8.29%7.08%5.56%0.01%1.18%
Public 7.12%6.51%4.90%4.35%6.43%8.15%13.32%11.20%

Adani Power Last 5 Years Performance Analysis

Sales 23,88426,46826,22127,71138,77347,230
Operating Profit4,9835,7348,6889,88110,09615,238
OPM %21%22%33%36%26%32%
Other Income2,4483231,9093,9084,2169,966
Profit before tax-976-2,2652,2896,5777,67518,131
Tax %-1%0%45%25%-40% 
Net Profit-984-2,2751,2704,91210,72723,334
EPS in Rs-2.55-5.93.2912.7327.8160.5

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