Weekly Stock Market Recap: 6 Key News Stories and Their Impact on Stock Prices

1. IT Stocks Result Announced for Q3

Despite of many negative news around the IT sector and stagnant performance from last 2-3 years; the IT sector continues to deliver good returns. Positive developments hint at a potential boom in the coming 3-5 years, despite ongoing concerns.

IT Sector Quarterly Results Analysis

IT StocksSalesSales (INR Cr.)Net ProfitNet Profits (INR Cr.)OPMOPM (%)
HCL Technologies (Winner of IT Stocks)Highest ever sales declared26,672 to 28,446Highest ever profits declared3,833 to 4,351Margins improved22% to 24%
TCSGrowth in sales59,962 to 60,583Slight declined in profits11,380 to 11,097Margins improved26% to 27%
Infosys Ltd.Flat Sales38,994 to 38,821Profit slightly declined6,215 to 6,113Margins Constant24% to 24%
WiproDeclined sales22,516 to 22,205Profit slight improvement3,970 to 4,198Margins improved18% to 19%

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2. SEBI New Rule on Short Selling Ban

  • The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has banned naked short-selling in the Indian stock market.
  • This means that investors will no longer be able to sell stocks they do not own and have not borrowed.
  • All stocks that trade in the futures and options segment are eligible for short-selling under the new rules.
  • The SEBI’s decision is expected to have a positive impact on retail investors, as it will help to reduce volatility in the market.

What is Short Selling?

short selling is a strategy where you borrow shares of a company, sell them immediately, and then buy them back later, ideally at a lower price. This way, you profit from the decline in the stock price.

Here’s a breakdown of the steps involved:

  1. Borrowing shares: You borrow shares from your broker, who usually charges a borrowing fee and interest.
  2. Selling the shares: You sell the borrowed shares on the market, just like you would with any other shares you own.
  3. Waiting for the price to drop: You hope that the price of the stock will fall in the future.
  4. Buying back the shares: When the price drops, you buy back the same number of shares at the lower price.
  5. Returning the borrowed shares: You return the borrowed shares to your broker and close your short position.

3. Strategic Move by RIL: Acquires ₹3,300 Crore Stake in Alok Industries

Investment boost:

  • Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) invested Rs 3,300 crore in Alok Industries by subscribing to non-convertible redeemable preferential shares.
  • The preferential shares offered a 9% dividend rate but are non-convertible to common shares.
  • RIL can redeem the shares at par anytime within 20 years from allotment.
  • This investment signifies RIL’s confidence in Alok Industries’ potential.

Share price reaction:

  • Following the news, Alok Industries’ stock price soared 15% and hit its 52-week high.
  • The increased demand led to the stock getting locked in the upper circuit.

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4. Polycab India Falls 21% and Gain 3%, says no I-T demand Served Yet

  • The Income Tax department found unaccounted cash sales of ₹1,000 crore after raiding Polycab India, a leading manufacturer of wires, cables, and electrical items.
  • The raids took place at over 50 premises across the country.
  • Incriminating evidence in the form of documents and digital data was also seized by the department.
  • Following the news, Polycab India’s share price plunged 16.26%.
  • Polycab India’s stock price initially fell 21% after the income tax department raided the company.
  • The stock price then rose 3% after the company said it had not received any communication from the income tax department.
  • Analysts believe the stock price will fall further until the investigation is complete.
  • The company has a strong financial record and analysts are mostly bullish on the stock.

5. Capital Foods & Organic India Boost Tata Consumer to Record 52-week high

Tata Consumer Products Limited (TCPL) is acquiring a controlling stake in Organic India and 75% of Capital Foods.

  • The acquisition will give TCPL access to a wider range of products, new markets, and a larger organic product portfolio.
  • The deal is significant for TCPL because it will allow them to compete directly with Nestle’s Maggie, which has a 60% market share in the instant noodles category.
  • TCPL’s stock price rose over 2% to a new 52-week high on the news of the acquisition.
  • The acquisition is expected to close in the coming months.

6. MoU Boost: Tata Power Shares Spike After Gujarat Renewable Project Agreement

Tata Power’s arm signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Gujarat government to develop 10,000 MW of renewable energy power projects.

  • The projects will be developed across multiple sites in the state and will have a total investment potential of Rs 70,000 crore.
  • This collaboration is expected to support India’s goal of generating 50 percent of power from renewable sources by 2030.
  • The projects have the potential to generate employment for over 3,000 people.
  • Analysts are positive on Tata Power’s prospects and believe it can deliver Rs 10,000 crore EBITDA by FY27.
  • Tata Power currently houses 4.3 GW of operational solar, wind, and hybrid assets and plans to add 10 GW before FY27.

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